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Question for SWA Pilots RE: Union?

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Well-known member
Dec 20, 2001
How do SWA pilots feel about the effectiveness of their in-house union? I have heard that many are not happy with the current leadership and are looking into ALPA?

I just talked to a SWA friend and there was no talk of disenchantment with SWAPA. The pilots were getting a little disgruntled with pay before 9/11, but from what I hear, the only thing they are ticked off about at the moment is the treatment of their Captain at OKC. Of course, SWA has a lot more pilots than the few that I keep up with, so there could be a little bit of grumbling, but I doubt that there are enough votes to bring in ALPA.
A curious question you pose? Most people ask if we're hiring.

To answer your question, not everybody likes peanuts either.
I may be way off base here, and feel free to tell me if I am, but if they didn't like an in house union, wouldn't they just change it? I mean, you don't have to have another established union come in if you are at a major, and independent, do you? I think UPS has an in-house union, as well as American. Perhaps ALPA would like to get you guys, but what advantage would it have to you? It's not like they will help you with negotiations, which seem to be pretty good at your airline, or with anything relating to other airlines, as SWA is in it's own class. I don't see how ALPA could do anything for you that your own union cannot. Good luck to you guys.
With regard to our union vs. ALPA, or other contract issues, I would just say that this topic is like discussing religion or abortion. Their are some people very passionate about these issues. I'm too new to comment, and I couldn't begin to (nor do I want to try) explain everything involved. I will just say that you are likely to hear alot more about SW labor issues in the next few years.

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