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Question for Southwest Pilots

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Well-known member
Jan 8, 2002
I am close to PIC mins for Southwest, which means it will be years until I can get an interview:) I live near a very junior base and am very interested in Southwest.

Could any of you folks give me an idea of how your schedules are? Days off per month, credit, what the trips are like, how long on reserve in OAK, stuff like that.

There's always a lot of info here on interviews, type rating courses and such, but not much on your QOL. Any info would be appreciated.

Been here a bit over six months. Got online in late June. Had a full schedule in July with no reserve. Awarded my #1 domicile choice (PHX) for August. Had my hard-line (consolidation-of-skills-thingy) month in August. Sat reserve in PHX in September, and flew quite a bit. Held a blank-line in October. Held a hard line for November with Thanksgiving off. Haven't had any fewer than 16 days off in a month. Have not flown less than 80 hours or credited less than 100 trips for the month.

Life is so freakin' good right now I just wanna barf! :D

I'm with Barney. I'll let the more junior guys fill in the blanks for you but even for somebody that's been here 6 years..........

This freaking place kicks butt. You bet you work for a living but they us very well for it. Very well.

Sounds like you guys got it pretty rough over there!!!:rolleyes: :beer: Hopefully I'll be there to join ya soon!;)

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