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Question for Pilots...

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Lead Sled

Sitt'n on the throne...
Apr 1, 2004
I have read that among the pilot population there are a disproportionate number individuals that are either firstborn or left-handed. I also understand that a large percentage of pilots are afraid of heights. I'm guilty on all three counts - I'm left-handed, the oldest child, and have a hard time climbing a tall ladder. How about the rest of you? Why would this be?

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First born.

Ma and Pa drowned the left handed one.;)
First Born, right handed.

My Dad and his only brother are both retired Capts, and though Dad was second, he writes left handed. (played sports right handed though)..
First and Right! Most of the time anyway;)

Love the heights! Ladders, rooftops, rocks. Anything that will get me above the rest!

My primary flight instructor was afraid of heights. Not of flying though because he said there was something solid under his feet. ?Ok? Whatever ever works huh?
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First born (and hold favorite child status), right hander.
Left handed, and if you only count sane children, then I am definitely the first born. Now where are my pills...
'Sled- I first heard this theory a few years ago. Most of the guys and gals I've flown with fit the bill.

Verrryyyy interesting.

(First-born, left-handed and unusually handsome)

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