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Question for KC-135 Guys

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
I'm hoping to get into a certain Guard unit soon mainly for geographic reasons. Problem is I'm a C-130 co-pilot (800 hours total mil time) and they fly KC-135's. I might be able to get in now but I'd like to avoid having to go through the KC-135 co-pilot school and having to go again later for Aircraft Commander upgrade (I'm not even sure the unit would pay for all that). In the C-130, the minimum time for upgrade to AC is 1000 hours of military time (800 C-130, 200 UPT). My question...what is the required time in the KC-135 for upgrade? Could I get the required minimum 135 time in the C-130, switch units and have them send me though the AC initial qual (PIQ) at Altus or would I have to upgrade to AC in the C-130 first and then switch a year down the road? I know with the first way, I would still have to fly right seat for a long time but it would allow the unit to only have to send me to school once. I'm just trying to figure out if the regs would allow a maneuver like that. I know this is all confusing but any help in this matter would be appreciated!
Per the Vol 1:

AC prerequisites:
1500 hours total flying time, or;
1200 hours total flying time with 300 hours jet (emphasis added) time, or;
Former or current -135 copilot with 500 hours in -135 aircraft as a mission copilot and 1,000 hours total flying time.

HOWEVER: Operations Group Commanders can waive flying hour requirements.:D

So, from the information you've posted, it might be easier for you to upgrade in the -130 and get a bunch of hours. If you can't get to 1500 hrs. in the near future, see if the Guard unit would be willing to write you a flying hours waiver to come to Altus for the AC Initial Qualification (ACIQ) course. It just depends on what the unit is willing/able to do, and what slots they have "purchased" from AETC. Hope this has helped.

Just the answer I was looking for...

You are THE MAN! None of that "I think it's this" or "I think it's that" stuff...instead I get it straight from the Vol 1! I love this board!
Hey OTTO - long time, no hear :D Come to Utah and you can upgrade in the 135 with 1000 MIL and IP approval. You going anywhere???? We are....:eek:

One more thing to consider.... I'm not sure if you are Guard, Reserve or AD right now, but the majority of tanker Guard and Reserve units hire you into the right seat. I've seen previous AD tanker IP's come to the unit and sit in the right seat for 6 months before another 6 months in the left seat again before being placed back on IP orders.

It's not to say that they won't hire you and put you through the AC school, just you might spend some time in the other seat.

Good Luck,


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