Question for IASCO / JALWays Pilots


Jul 27, 2002
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If you'r an IASCO (or WASINC / HAS) pilot for JALWays, I'd like to get to know a little more about the job. I passed the initial interview/sim and am waiting for the medical. If I get a job offer, I'd just like a little more intel. On the face it seems good; great pay and so/so benefits. The lack of travel benefits is not so good, offset by what seems to be good schedules and pay. I live on the West Coast of the US, so I wouldn't move to Hawaii. Any opinions are welcome.

My major questions are:
1) Do you like the job?
2) How's the flying?
3) Are the schedulers / employers good?
4) Any other positives or negatives.

Thanks in advance and safe flying.

Brown Cow

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Mar 4, 2005
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The best thing would be to do a search on this forum or pprune. You'll find that people here don't like talking much about a job like this. But, from what I know, the commuting is a disaster from the west coast. The happy guys live in Hawaii. Also, there is perhaps only one american carrier that will let you ride because you cannot reciprocate. If all goes well, the job will be great, but you are working for the Japanese and JAL is having a mega amount of problems now. The thing about being cautious really applies, but wow do those people at Wasinc make it sound amazing. No union, no morals, little personal contact and when the HACS and Wasinc guys fly together, the HACS guys will let you know how they feel about your company undercutting theirs in order to secure a contract. With your military experience, you should be looking to work for an american company.

You will be flying a big ol' whale painted in cool colors. The upgrade is quick(ish), and the money is good. Plus with the Japanese you can never really lose your medical unless you are dead. They will put you on a million dollar medical/rehab program just to save face before you would ever lose your medical.

Just concentrate on the medical now. Those doctors at the Mayo clinic can find out exactly what you have done over the past ten the day. So just lie a little.