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Question for Flight Options pilots

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Sam Adams

Jun 15, 2002
I'm currently working at Allegheny as many of you know things may not turn out so good here.So I just sent my stuff to Eric Gerhard pilot recruiter at Flight Options.I expressed my willingness to resign my # at Allegheny in my cover letter.(hopefully a good move) I have a friend of a friend who works there and may be able to give me a letter. Is a letter 100% nessasary there? What are the odds of being put in the right seat of the king air?If so how long would one have to remain there? Any other insider tips to help my chances of an interview would really help and be appreciated.
Flight Options Interview

If you do not have a recommendation from a current Flight Options LLC pilot you will not get an interview.

Sounds like everyone is starting in the King Air now but word on the street is they only stay in it for 3-4 months. A few also start in the Citation Jet.

As for total flight time numbers..... your guess is as good as mine. FO hires anywhere between 2000 - all the way up to retired airline captian time. Again the word on the street is they are looking for jet time but in all reality the recommendation from a current pilot can get you around this hurtle.

Some people have been called quick for an interview others have taken over a year. For me it was worth the wait.

Good luck and be patient but persistant.

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