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Question for FedEx pilots

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Active member
Jun 1, 2002
Having been officially placed in the FedEx hiring pool as of Jun 10 I was wondering if anybody could help with a commuting question.

What type of aircraft are flying out of BOS,MHT,PWM and BDL and are there any difficulties commuting out of any of these airports??

Thanks in advance and I cannot wait to start, this is a dream come true.
First off, Congrats! You'll love it here, this place is awesome. I commute from VA and it's practically a no-brainer, I rarely go offline (except for deadheads of course), but I can't specifically answer for the northeast. However I went in to look at equipment and available jumpseats from the four airports you mentioned. I just looked at flights from today, but it should be fairly representative of what you'll encounter.

BOS: 5 flights, mixture of MD-11, DC-10, Airbus, 727
MHT: 3 flights, 2 Airbus, 1 727
PWM: Only the 727, 1 flight
BDL: 2 flights, both Airbus

In case you're not familiar, the 727 has only 2 seats, the heavies anywhere from 4 to 8. Basically a buttload of seats, if you have a choice between these 4 you're in way good shape. Hopefully someone who actually does the commute will chime in.
How does the continued hiring at FDX look right now? It seems you guys have had a good run lately...are we nearing the end or is this just the beginning?
I think we've hired about 150 so far this year with classes continuing at least through July, but nothing official after July. Rumors seem to be hovering around 250. I think you can look at it both ways, we are probably finished with the majority of the extra hiring for the USPS contract. However, volumes are up, freight volume through MEM for the first 4 months of the year is up 58% from 2001 (in part due to the USPS stuff), we are poised to really take off once the economy fully recovers (especially in Asia), in 2004/5 retirements start to skyrocket in the 150-200 range through 2023, plus a couple of potentially lucrative rumors floating around. Obviously, my choice to come here has been solidified over the last year and I hope it continues, but unfortunately none of us has a crystal ball...

Thanks for the great information, it sounds like it should be a easy commute, or as easy as commuting can be.

I commuted for over two years with USAirways so, I know the downfalls; this sounds much better allaround.

Thanks again


How does the commute look from ORD? I'm a FEDEX hopeful and if things work out I hope to be swimming in the poolby the fall.

Out of ORD there are several widebodies every day. It shouldn't be a tough commute.
I'm getting called for draft trips all the time; it still looks like we will need more guys/gals for the forseeable future.
Good Luck
Heard not too long ago that the FDX mechanics are pissed that they can't ride the jumpseats so they are doing anything they can to write up and defer jumpseats. Any FDX pilot know if this is true or not?
Was true for a while, but that seems to have stopped now. Most of them understand that it is FAA/TSA that is running the show at this point.

To the topic of this thread, they have not announced hiring past July partly, I think, because they are waiting to see how many pilots called out for reserve duty come back. They think about 90 will, which is the equivalent of hiring 90 pilots around September. That would saturate the training department until next year as they like to draw down a bit during peak to get all the instructors out flying those xmas packages!

So, if the hiring pauses in fall, don't take that to mean that things are slowing down.

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