question for express one


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Nov 26, 2001
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as a mesaba saab f/o, i was curious how the express people felt about northwests decision to make you an all jet fleet and hand over the saab flying out of memphis to us. will your saab drivers be on the couch for a while waiting for some crj deliveries? how many saab pilots are we talking about transitioning to the jet? and how many saabs do you currently operate? just trying to figure out what northwests next move will be in the big game. thanks for any info


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Nov 27, 2001
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I don't think anyone here, except for those with real ego problems, are very excited about it. Personnaly I don't care at all for the CRJ. Having flown both aircraft I can honestly say the CRJ is now where near as much fun to fly as the Saab. There are around 150 pilots in the Saab right now for around 21 aircraft. Of these 11 are the B models that Mesaba will soon be operating (N360PX-N370PX) and the rest are A's that most of their leases are up about a year from now. There will be alot of displacing/transition training going on very soon and captains with anything less than 10 years in with the company will not be able to stay in MEM. Flying out of MEM is about as easy as flying gets. I sure miss it. Hope y'all enjoy it while it lasts.