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Question for Exec Jet pilots

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Mar 20, 2002
Hello Exec Jet pilots,
I have an interview with your company next month and would like some of you to answer two questions for me. I am excited about this company, but want to be fully informed before making my final decision.

1. What are the best 5 things you like about working for Exec Jet for you personally?

2. More importantly, what are the 5 worst things about working for Exec Jet (if you can think of 5)?

Thanks in advance for your replies!!



Unfortunatly your going to have to change your nickname we've allready have a maddog and he's quite the character.

5 Best things
beef tips, rudy's rice pudding, lasagna, gyro's out of IAD, more rudy's rice pudding, oh and the PM's going to the mat for us

5 worst.
no apu in the ultra, straight landing gear, boots, the 3am show i have tomorrow, my pager breaking

Just had to bring a little humor.

I know I ask everyone this same question

Hey Maddog, when did you apply and how many LOR's did you have? Did you receive one of the letters saying that you would get an interview, if so, how long ago? Did they call you to schedule the interview?

Thanks for the info.
Things I like:

1) Job Security
2) The food
3) Flying to MANY different places
4) Being treated like a professional by my superiors
5) The future is bright!

Things I dislike:
1) ?
2) ?
3) ?
4) ?
5) The pay - but this will be changing soon!

My thoughts

I could just repeat everything everyone else has said, but I will just give the specifics that drew me to EJA.

1 - No more commuting! (I live at a gateway) This cuts at least 4 days spent commuting off my work schedule each month.

2 - EJA safety policies. They don't just teach you the FAR's and rules and then wink at you when they say things like "We never have any open maintenance items on our planes..." or "We never make you fly if you think it is unsafe..." They actually mean it and always take the safer road in their policies, like reserve fuel numbers, wx mins for some high mountain airports etc....

3 - Brand new airplanes! And they are kept in sweeeeet shape!

I could go on and on, but this is the main 3 for me. Like is always said, the pay is lower than it probably should be, but there are a ton of other benefits that help that not hurt so bad. And when the new contract comes out, things will just get better.
I am junior with EJA with all previous 121 exper.

Thumbs up,

1. Stability
2. Gateway
3. Growth
4. Friendly staff
5. Hotels

Thumbs down,

1. $$$
2. Schedule
3. Training
4. Waiting for pax
5. Not 121

my 1 cent worth

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