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Question for ex Military

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Mar 21, 2002

I have lost my DD-214. Are you required during the interview, or at any time during the process, to produce that thing?

If so, I need to start making some phone calls to San Antonio.

If you were in the military during the past 10 years, you will be required to present it for the background check.

Not sure of the timeframe requirement. A couple of apps I submitted recently did not require a DD-214 if you've been out more than five years.

Regardless of the that timeframe requirement I recommend you a get another original DD-214. Once you get your new DD-214 go to your county courthouse and have the DD-214 Registered. It's a simple procedure and should not cost more than a few dollars.

Once you do this, if you ever lose the original DD-214 you can go to the courthouse and with the apporporate ID you can get another DD-214 (certified true copy) that you can provide to anyone who might require one. This "certified true copy" will suffice as an original.

BTW when you register the DD-214 you can get several "certified true copies" that you can stash away for a rainy day (or lose again with the new original)
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Be careful about registering a DD-214 at the courthouse. It becomes a public document available for review by anyone who wishes to see it. There are many cases of identity theft by criminals who got all pertinent information needed for a new social security card and driver's license from DD-214's registered at courthouses.

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