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Question for EJA pilot

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New member
Dec 1, 2001
Are you given a calling card to use while on tour or do they help you out in any way with calling home? Thanks in advance.
you get this neat gadget....

A couple of buds of mine fly for EJA, and the company gave them this neat little pager/e-mail gadget that allows you to send wireless E-mails from the road. Not as good as a calling card, but still pretty neat.

All EJA new hires are given a RIM Blackberry 2- way pager. You
can use it for personal emails as well as company business. When
you upgrade, you are given a ATT phone card for company business
only. As far as calling home, you're on your own.

The pager works quite well in most large cities.
I use the pager about 85% of the time for personal use. Still haven't requested the calling card yet. Guess I should before I end up down south without one!:eek:
The pager is fun and it works great up at altitude. I use a ATT cell phone though. I flew with a guy who used sprint and the Ultra just goes into too many hick towns that sprint doesnt service. Sprint doesn't even work in HPn for some reason.

Anyways the att one rate is a good deal but I use about 3000 hours a month on it.

Hey sincity did you see the bid out for 4xl captains. Might have to make the slide over, i'm freezing my ass off in here.

It's always tempting for me to bid out of the Ultra, but I really want to hold the 7 & 7. I missed the first quarter since the company cut back the lines. :mad: I am tired of the cold mornings myself!
Guys forget about the Excel, come to the 800xp. Fun, no more freezing your ass off in the winter and sweating in the summer. Less work load then the Excel or Ultra. Company is also picking up more 800's so the fleet is gonna grow again.
Not EJA related, but for calling home, I've tried cells phones, calling plans, and carried a toll free number for a while that allowed the same long distance charges as calling out from my regular home phone. However...

A couple of weeks ago, someone told me about a calling card at Sams Club. Thirty four bucks for a thousand minutes...3.4 cents a minute. That's not bad. A bunch of us drove over to a Sams Club when we found out, and bought some. It makes a great Christmas gift, too.

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