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question for E-170 pilots

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Well-known member
Oct 22, 2003
Disclaimer: These questions are not company specific (not interested in work rules or pay issues).

Is the plane reliable?
Are the avionics user friendly?
Are the systems laid out logically?

Looking for a general overview of the plane.

Thanks for the info.
1. Yes. When it first came online, there were growing pains but the majority of those have been fixed by the manufacturers. So, yes, it is reliable.

2. Yes, the avionics are user friendly. There is a bit of a learning curve, but that is nothing new.

3. And, yes, it is about as logical a system layout as you could ask for. Training and sim was, actually, an enjoyable experience.

It is a very nice aircraft, and very pilot friendly.
Like Cracker wrote....But also the E170 has a narrow body feel to it unlike the traditional regional a/c. With GE CF-34-8E at 14000 max rated thrust you have a little power when you need it..
All "Guppy Killer" Lines aside, it is a plane that was built with Ergonomics alongside function. From the Pax to FA to Pilots it seems to have been designed with comfort and usability in mind.

IE: Finally a plane built by people who fly planes instead of Midget Engineers in rooms with no Windows!!!
I've ridden in the back of the plane may times. It seems very nice and spacious in the back. It does have the stiff wing feel during bumps. Only complaint would be that the environmental system sucks. Constanly 100 degrees in the back when the packs would do their own thing or FAs control was for their own comfort, who knows....now on the flips side....I can't tell you how many times I've returned to the gate in that thing or have tried to jumpseat out of IAH seeing 3 of those things parked due to maintenance causing all sorts of chaos getting to CLT.

Hence the nickname..the E-180!!!
I'll ask this again, what level of protections does the Fly-By-Wire provide? Is it Airbus-esque, i.e., Alpha floor, pitch/roll limits, autotrim, etc? Or is it more like the 777, where the pilot is still allowed to do creative stuff?
Im gonna guess that its all hyrdaulically controlled(except the elevator like the 145) hence not fly by wire.. Alpha floor is beyond my limited knowledge and the auto trim...what?? The trim prolly cuts out after 3 secs or so. Now some inputs may be electronically controlled like braking and the tiller..meaning...all you're doing is putting in inputs and getting feedback via computer...I'm sure the 170 is better than the 145...i'll let those guys give you a better answer.
Do the winglets get you more chicks?

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