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Question for Dornier Drivers

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Well-known member
Nov 27, 2001
Hey guys/gals, I've seen the Dornier Jet and turbo prop refered to as Doinker, etc. Is this just a name that sounds funny or is this because the plane has some draw backs. I thought it was suppose to be a pretty good airplane with good performance , but am I mistaken ?
I have heard that one too but I prefer to call them either DorkJets or DorkProps

You'll find that each airplane picks up a slang nickname as the course of time progresses. Saab340 aka Slob or Saabomatic or scootertrash.

A Dorkjet friend at ACA says it's a great airplane- flight deck wise, carries a lot of payload, climbs like a SOB out of Dodge, but top speed is SLOW for a jet.
Same thing for the prop version. Same flight deck as the jet with a few exceptions. (Condition levers, spoilers,etc etc). Good payload, quiet for a prop, (no headsets) and climbs like a home sick angel if your fairly light and fast. Im not sure what the jet true's at but the prop is anywhere from 320 to 340.
I think all airplanes have nicknames. The best one I heard was someone referring to a ERJ as a "jungle-weed".

Fly safe guys and gals.

The service ceiling for the prop is FL310. Does anyone know what it is for the jet? Just curious.
Just curious what the Avro's like in comparison to a CRJ. Are they both about the same performance wise?
I think that Avro's a nifty lookin plane.
At ACA we sometime call our little beast the POCkET ROCKET!!!!

For climb not speed.

If your light it is no problem to see 6000fpm without passenger discomfort. Avg is about 4500fpm.

.64/290 kt cruise. Best TAS I have ever seen was 398ktas.

It's a real blast to fly!

I personally like the moniker "DOORKNOB" Folks might make fun of us but if the Dork paid as much as the jets I would stay in it. Well maybe not, it does have some issues. Ours don't have APU's so they are hot in the summer and cold in the winter. They break alot and the seats in the cockpit leave something to be desired for us skinny folks. Other than that I love it. The fastest I have seen is 336 KTAS at FL230 with an average load. My favorite thing about is that we can go 250 knots a mile inside the outer marker and still slow down to be configured by about a thousand AGL. Lets see a 757 do that. Yea he blows us away everywhere else but you always have to look on the bright side of life. I also like the wide cockpit, someone said it is wider than the DC-9, don't know if it is true. Alot of contollers mistake us for the BAC JET (146).
Another nickname for the EMB is the Rickety Rocket. It's fast, but the construction is pretty flimsy. Our maintenance department called it Every Mechanic's Bane.
The Saab 340 came to be called the Saabomatic when it first came out, since it was the first heavily automated regional airliner. It's name also stood for Send Another Aircraft Behind. It had its share of teething problems!
The CRJ blows our doors off! We cruise at 300kts or .73, but we get payed by the hour, so I don't need to go fast. All the other RJs are little things, were about the size of a 737-200. The chubby jet is also built like a tank.
The Dornier 328 (328 TAS), Doorknob, Dork, Dorkknob, very nice plane. I enjoyed flying it. I'm in the CRJ now, and would have to say that I prefer the Honeywell Primus 2000 avionics over the Rockwell Collins avionics suite that is in the CRJ. I also think the ERJ has a better avionics package. In the Dornier, we used the VNAV function quite a bit on line, where in the CRJ the only VNAV we have is a "snowflake" that aids us in descent to meet crossing restrictions. With the honeywell we could just hit "direct" on the FMS on the altitude side of the CDU and the plane would autimatically begin a descent at the glideslpe angle that was programmed in. I got in a "FJ" one time, and the only difference I saw between the two Dorniers was that the "prop overspeed" switches and prop control panel on the overhead was missing on the jet (no surprise there) and of course there were no condition levers. I heard that structually the only real difference is that the jet has beefed up brakes since it has no thrust reverse. Doesn't it also have some sort of spoilers too?

Yep, the dorkjet has groundspoilers to increase the effectiveness of the brakes and roll spoilers to increase the effectiveness of the ailerons. Heard a rumor that the roll spoilers were going to become inflight speed brakes but never happened. Insert your joke here about a .66 airplane needing speedbrakes. I think we just got passed by another C-525, or was it a flock of geese? I second the comment about the seats, rock hard even with a fat arse like mine.