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Question for CAL pilots

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Dec 1, 2002
Any opinions on the appointment of Fred Abbott (Flight Operations) to the new management team?
He's what, 62-63 now? Can't imagine they'd keep him long, but he's not likely to leave his horse ranch outside of Houston....
is he the one that writes the, "Flight Ops Update" ? Not really much of an update. More of a propaganda machine.
Kind of surprised, I would have thought at his age he would take what ever package they were going to give VP's, and ride off to the sunset.
On a scale of 1-10:

Pilot Advocate: 0
Management Parrot: 11

Creates a relatively hostile shoot first, ask questions later and guilty until proven innocent flight ops group (some chiefs, assistants).

It should be interesting to see if the UAL side of the group will put up with it.

In fairness, the Cleveland guys are pretty good and the Houston chief pilot is good too. Some of the assistants in H-town leave a lot to be desired, almost all of the Newark guys are relatively unpopular with the pilots and the Guam guys are, well let's just say they are "out there." :D
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UNFREAKINGBELIEVABLE! My own opinions are strong and I'm in the super majority. Having talked to many of varied seniority it's clear Fredrick is worthless and has been ever since he went behind the velvet rope. PE guys are embarrassed that he comes from their ilk. I've even heard Asst CP's talk openly about how fed up they are with the sh!t relationship Fred has shoveled down the pilots throats.

If Jeff wanted to build a positive relationship with the pilot group, he should of 'synergized' everyone on the CAL side of flights ops. But as with alot of things, it's clear that Jeff doesn't give two sh!ts about that. The CP's at both airlines will start doing things to make them get noticed so they keep there precious weekends off and override after the merger.
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He is a disgrace who can't leave soon enough. The entire flight ops management team couldn't manage their way out of wet paper bag, they all suck. They are the epitome of "toe the line and go home at five."
Would CAL's counterparts at UAL be any better?

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