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Question for Atlas Folks

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Well-known member
Feb 23, 2002
I have heard rumor that Atlas pilots on furlough may have the opportunity to go to training with Polar Air Cargo, though this could mean sacrificing a line number with Atlas. Can anyone confirm this or give any other info on the subject?

Thanks in advance.
Not going back...

I know three guys who got the axe by Atlas. They all found other work and have no plans to ever go back. One of these guys is flying a C402, and says that there is no way he would ever go back to Atlas. That says a lot to me... If a guy would rather work 6 days a week flying a piston twin rather than a B747, well it must have been a miserable place to work.
Polar has made no announcements about additional hiring. They have also not hired a class in over a year so I don't think they have formulated a policy on resigning a seniority number from a company that has you on a furlough. Long haul is not for everyone, long periods of time away from home mixed with long periods at home. Not a lot of cycles, large bags, mostly international flying. But it has interesting destinations that you probably wouldn't use your own nickles to see. see. Atlas and their workforce are not getting along well at the moment due to contract negotiations, this is typical. Look at any other company that has gone through the negotiation process. There are a lot of different types of jobs in aviation. Personally I like long haul freight.

Different strokes.

Every takeoff and every landing at maximum gross weight ...

I have among my friends, their first Chief Pilot and one of their first non-Pan Am captains. They are both very happy to be elsewhere. As Miami Freight said, this is not the life for everyone.
Awww - it isn't all that bad at Atlas....
I spent about a year and a half there and enjoyed the travel and the equipment. I "think" it beats flying an RJ from SEA-PDX 8 times a day... I haven't done anything resembling a schedule in a few years so I can't say from experience.
It definitely isn't the lifestyle for everyone though. If you are particularily attached to your sofa or wife or anything that is at home you probably be ready for some major lifestyle changes.
I can't say much about the MTOW take offs as the "book" says we can do them and after all we are paid to move the planes from place to place. I guess the part on the resume that says professional applies to being able to fly the airplane at/with any legal/safe load.
I never worked out of MIA so I can't vouch for that place (the stories are pretty ugly about politics and scheduling and loads) but out of ANC the crews are great and the base chief pilot is world class good.
When/if they call back I will go as all of my mileage plans are running low and I miss the breakfast round table picnics in TPE!!!
Good Luck
Here's my two cents....

I guess I better throw my two-bit opinion in here too.......
Like any job, the situation really depends on your attitute your senority and which plane your in! Atlas is a great place to work if you love to travel. I have not had a trip over 4 days in over a year...........I have alot of buddies flying the states that cant say that! The 400 guys usually have shorter trips, but the 200 guys see the whole world in a 10 day round-the-world adventure.......

I've been to over 20 countries and drank beer with the locals all over the world......I would'nt trade my Atlas experience for anything.

BUT......alot depends on your senority, I'am in a position where I believe I carry the risk of a furlough every year........and that is no way to live!!! The guys who are senoir enough have a great job and the money is not too bad (everything is relative). For me I'am swimming in the pool at SWA and **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED** proud to be there. I've got my traveling out of my system, and have experienced flying the Queen of the skies....747-200, 300, 400.

I just want to work at a place where my chances of a furlough are slim to none rather than good to great.......I would never tell somebody not to apply to a Atlas or Polar, the flying is great, the people are the best, and you'll pump out more life experiences in one year at Atlas than you could ever do at a state-side job!

Blue Skies......

P.S. No official word on how the hiring will work between Atlas and Polar.........we are in contract talks and things are not real rosy around here. All Atlas will say is that Atlas crewmembers will be considered for employment if they apply at Polar. Polars hiring will be short-lived though, so I dont see much of a problem in this area.

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