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Question for ASA guys

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Can you pickup a trip?
Dec 8, 2001
I just drove by Macon and saw about 7 E-120s parked on the ramp...they didn't look like they were going anywhere soon by the location either. Whats the news at ASA about when they will be gone from your fleet? I thought I read a rumor about ya'll hanging on to them longer due to the lower operating expenses associated with the shorter routes. Also, is this the only forum ASA guys talk? Before I got deployed, there were lots of postings on planebusiness.com...gone now of course. I'd appreciate any information.

Thank you
Visceral, from what I've heard, as they work toward becoming an all jet fleet they will gradually move all the EMB120s down to Dallas. I don't know about the ones you saw or when they will/might be shipped out of Macon but they sure are making progress in shifting to all jet. I believe Brunswick and Charleston were two more locations that will become all jet by Feb.
The 5 or so Brasilias in MCN are awaiting being sold. According to the mechs, they will be sold for parts!
We are supposed to continue to retire E120s until there are 28 of them. There will be 14 in ATL and 14 in DFW. Of course, all of this could change at any time.
`Retiring Brasillias

It's been fun taking a few of those brasillias out of Dallas to Macon on their last flight with ASA. Did not shed a tear.
I guess this airplane sort of grows on you after a while. But then again so does fungus so I say bring on the jets!

Hey Ifly.

Hopefully they don't get rid of them too quick!! We are indeed drawing down to a fleet of about 28 of them, though I'm not sure where they will be deployed. We are shifting an awful lot of the flying to the jet in the coming months. We have also already started shifting pilots out to Dallas, as that base was a little short. 10 or so Captains (including ME!!) were sent out there starting in December.

Hate to see them go though. They are noisy and small, but a good airplane.

Oh yeah, last time I was in MCN, four of those A/C had the ASA logos painted out. Kinda sad.

Just go play the Nintendo or something....are you ready for a whoopen????

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