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Question for any foreign pilot.

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New member
Dec 6, 2001
I am a Canadian fully rated pilot. (Comm, multi, instrument the whole works). I brought my Canadian certificates into the FSDO and they gave me an FAA Private Single and Multi engine certificate that has a restriction on it. The FAA certificate is only valid when accompanied by my Canadian certificates (which have to be valid and current). They say that if i take the Foreign Instrument written, they will then add Instrument priveledges to my FAA certificates. So here's the question... If I do this and THEN take the FAA commercial written and an FAA commercial ride, does this mean I have all the restrictions lifted off my FAA certificates? I mean will I then be an FAA Commercial, Instrument rated pilot with no restrictions (meaning I don't have to have my Canadian certificate to make my FAA certificate valid). I hope this makes sense.
Thanks in advance,
your instrument will still be based on the canadian certificate ,the only way to get rid of the conditions is to take a instrument check ride here and then a comm ride too ,then you will have a unrestricted certificate
U.S. Commercial/Instrument certificate

I second Fulcrum. You need to take a complete Commercial/Instrument practical test to receive an unrestricted U.S. Commercial/Instrument Certificate. You do get credit for all your flight time.
When I came in the US, I had my ICAO atp, the FAA asked me to take a written test and a flight test, everything took me a week
and I had no restrictions on my US license.

se corsu ne so fieru
here's what i did,

I had my european license converted to a ppl i did the written instrument ( the FSDO didn't really tell me which on to take so i ended up taking 3 of them...) and had the Instrument rating added to my PPl with the restrictions that you mentioned.

Then i did a multi-engine commercial ride with an examiner and he issued me a full CPl-IR se+me without any limitations.

i would say just talk to an examiner and the FSDO and they will tell you what to do.

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