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Question for Airnet drivers

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Just in case nobody responds who really knows the answers to your questions, I'll tell you what I know/think. I'm curious how close I am to being correct.

Pay: www.airnet.com (click Careers, then flight crew, then Pay and Benefits)

Schedule: 4 on 3 off (weekends off) all late night, early morning

FO into a Lear: I don't think so in order to throw the piston captains a bone.

Survey says.......?
Correct kinda...

Pay scales are on the web site like you said...

Schedules vary depending on location. Most flights are night, some go early evening to 1 or 2 am others start late and end early the next day. Much to everyone's surprise we do have day runs as well, and no you can't have mine :) We just started weekend runs for the Fed as well. Most work 4 on 3 off, but some work 5 on 2 off and make more money for it. If you are not flying the weekend fed work then you will have every weekend and holiday off, while being home every day.

As far as going straight into the lear f/o... well good luck. Usually we require 500 in type, and there can't be any prop guys willing to upgrade at the time. Right now we have plenty of prop guys willing, so i don't see that happening any time soon.

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