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Question About Certain Helicopter

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Works for a Living
Apr 15, 2004
So I was watching the Discovery Channel last night and they had a show on about the US Coast Guard, who was performing some rescues in their helicopter (a variant of the blackhawk I believe).

I noticed that in the cockpit section there was a fine mist being produced. I saw this on both sides and from overhead.

What is this and what is its purpose?


Yeah I saw that too and was wondering what it was. Guess it's like those misters they have at theme parks and such.
Not a mister, just condensation from the ac. It's pretty humid down there. Our jet does it, too, but it's not as visible and only when it's very humid.
yep, AC. Was on a SYX flight with the same thing happening throughout the DoJet's cabin... great effect for Halloween (though it was August). Freaked some of the pax out though. :D


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