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Quest. for the NetJets folks

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Well-known member
Apr 12, 2002
Can anyone answer this question? Generally how long of a time frame is there between interviewing with NetJets, getting the job offer and then an actual start date? Any info on this would be most appreciated.
That depends on which a/c they are going to offer you. Lets say they offer the hawker, but the class isnt until august, then you wait. If they offer two different a/c and one starts earlier than the other, than you pick.

If you are on the short call list, that may get you in alot quicker. If someone bails for some reason, then they may call you and ask you to be there in a few days.

There is also the backround info holding things up sometimes too.

Hope this helps

Thx for the info. That's about what I thought but sort of wanted to hear it from you guys.
JP I can't imagine what the scheduling conflicts were...or still are.

Hmm guy helps you get the job, you bail on the guy.

Thanks a ton.

One day I'll help you put duct tape on your bag so you can be like me.

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