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Quality Of Life Comparisons

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New member
Mar 6, 2002
Thought I would get some input on issues rarely
mentioned. But, can be very important when on
the road. I thought I would ask for catagories
or topics for now and then make up a full list
for folks to respond to later.

1. What time do you typically start a rotation?
How much variance have you seen?

I have had showtimes of 3am to 5am about a
quarter of my rotations. Late morning about a
quarter of them and the rest around 7am.

2. What time do you usually get home after a

I usually get home after 6pm up to midnight.

3. What length of rotations are typical?
Was 6 on 4 off with minor variance.
Computerized bid system online for a month
and the bugs need to be worked out.

4. Where do you stay at HPN, TEB, FLL, MIA, etc.

HPN-Ramada or Renaissance (not Crown Plaza or
that area)
FLL-Sheraton or Hilton (somewhat isolated)

5. When you go to the Carribean or Mexico, do
you spend the night or always reposition back
to the states.

6. Does your company use the CLC card for lodging?
This usually means lower grade lodging and
NO points.

7. What are the company lodging requirements?
a. Hotel or Motel, Interior hallways, etc.
b. Transportation to/from the FBO.
c. In house dining
d. Dining within a couple of blocks.

8. Crew Meals: What do you usually get for
breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Do you have any
say in what you get?

Continental breakfast, sandwiches, and a usually
hot dinner and no say on the menu.

9. How much time do you usually get for a
turn around? One hour here.

O.K. what have I left out?


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