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Mar 4, 2002
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Newark Marriott Hotel
Sep 23 and Sep 24

Flight Deck Crew Recruitment Drive New York!

Strive for Excellence with One of the World's Fastest Growing Airlines! As the Middle East's only 5-star airline and one of the world's fastest growing carriers, Qatar Airways is dedicated to excellence and continuous improvement. We advocate cultural diversity, dynamism and career development! Be part of Qatar Airways and experience a high-flying career in our airline with a modern fleet of A300-600, A319/A320/A321, A330, A340 and B777 aircraft.

We are looking for First Officers and invite qualified candidates to become a part of the growing team at Qatar Airways:

First Officers (A300/ A320/ A330/ B777)

· Total minimum hours 1000
· 500 hours on type operated by Qatar Airways
· Valid ICAO ATPL or frozen ICAO ATPL.(FAA ATP written is not acceptable)
· ICAO English Proficiency Level has to be endorsed on the license
· Below 50 years of age.

Type Rating Conversions
First officers without a rating on the aircraft types we fly must have the following minimum experience, A total of 2000 flying hours of which 500 hours shall be on jets and below 45 years of age.

First Officers with considerable experience on the Boeing aircraft (B767, B757 & B737NG) will be considered for a type-rating conversion on the B777.

Pilots given type-rating conversion will be required to sign service bond with the Company.

These positions carry all inclusive average monthly remuneration packages of US$ 9,900 (equivalent QAR 36,100) for First Officers inclusive of housing allowance. Other benefits include Meal allowances, School fee subsidy for children and Loss of License/Medical/Group Life Insurances. All remuneration is TAX FREE.

Send your resume to

Arthur Rodrigues
Recruitment Officer
Qatar Airways
Tel : +974 5836256
Fax : + 974 4496314