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Q2 BTS Stats Out


King of the Sea People
Oct 10, 2002
Total Time

Operating Margins

The six reporting network carriers posted a loss margin of 6.3 percent in the second quarter with a combined operating loss of $1.767 billion (Table 2). In the second quarter of 2007, the seven network carriers reported an operating profit margin of 9.2 percent with a combined profit of $2.406 billion.
The top three operating profits were reported by low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines and regional carriers Comair and Atlantic Southeast Airlines (Tables 3, 4). Network carriers American Airlines and US Airways and low-cost carrier Frontier Airlines reported the worst operating loss margins (Table 2, 3).
America West Airlines and US Airways now operate under a single certificate and report jointly. The combined airline's financial numbers are included with the network carriers beginning with the fourth quarter of 2007. US Airways' previous numbers remain with network carriers and America West's previous numbers are listed separately as a low-cost carrier.
Network carriers operate a significant portion of their flights using at least one hub where connections are made for flights on a spoke system. Low-cost carriers are those that the industry recognizes as operating under a low-cost business model, with lower infrastructure costs and higher rates of productivity. Regional carriers provide service from small cities, using primarily regional jets to support the network carriers' hub and spoke systems. The selected groups consist of those airlines in each group with the highest reported operating revenue in the most recent 12-month period.
Fuel Expenses

The six reporting network carriers spent 5.15 cents per available seat-mile (ASM) for fuel in the second quarter of 2008, up from 1.46 cents per ASM in the second quarter of 2003 (Table 5).
Regional airlines Atlantic Southeast, Comair and American Eagle Airlines spent the most for fuel per ASM while regional airline ExpressJet Airlines and low-cost airlines Southwest Airlines and Spirit Airlines spent the least (Tables 6-8).
Low-cost airlines AirTran Airways and JetBlue Airways and regional airline Atlantic Southeast spent the largest portion of their operating costs while regional airline ExpressJet and network carriers US Airways and American spent the least (Tables 6-8).