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Q? -Jumpseating down to Mexico?

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gimme just one mo hit!
Feb 20, 2006
Hey guys and gals,

I was wondering if Eagle or Express Jet allow jumpseaters in and out of Mexico? I'm trying to get down to BJX next month. I was told that some airlines don't allow Int'l. jumpseating, so I'm trying to find out NOW and not at the gate. Thanks in advance!!

I fly for Astar Air Cargo formerly known as DHL Airways. We are CASS.
Thanks for any info.

They have changed this many times over the years and was news to me. I always thought OAL can sit in the back. Our union put this out to us in april.

Based on the number of e-mails and phone calls we receive, there still appears to be a lot of confusion about international jumpseating. ExpressJet Airlines permits XJT pilots and flight attendants the ability to jumpseat to and from international destinations in empty main cabin seats or jumpseats. This policy only applies to XJT pilots and flight attendants. OAL pilots and flight attendants are not allowed to jumpseat internationally at this time; they must use a pass via existing pass travel agreements.

This is because of the TSA rules and the CAL computer system...sorry...I wish we could help.
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Thanks for the info pilotmejiaj!!

I guess that rules out XJT.

If any Eagle guys or gals have info that would be great.
I'll probably end up buying my ticket tonight anyways.

Thanks guys!

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