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PVD crew parking


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Dec 2, 2001
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Anyone know if they offer crew parking and if so what there rate is? Thanks


Jul 25, 2005
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No, and their rates have gone up. To get an airline rate, you have to be an airline employee at the airport. So the only way to get a discount, is to find a really really nice station manager (at the airline you fly for), get them to write a letter approving you for employee parking. I don't think it's ever been done since you need an airport ID to go with it. So other than getting a part time job at Paradise shops, you cant do it with the mob boss like parking dept.

Just use the secret crew parking spot at the old abandoned Atwood Grill, and walk over through the garage.

People have paid the Crown Plaza hotel 5 bucks I think for a ride. The hotel manager was catching on to the guys riding the shuttle so I think its something like 5 dollars.


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May 2, 2003
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I just moved from RI (last fall) and used to park at the crown plaza.... for free. They are beyond accomodating. Make sure you tip the drivers though. 401-732-6000 -call for schedule.

There is also an abandoned restaurant on US1 next to Bertucci's with a parking lot that you can park at and just walk through the parking garages to the airport.

Either is option works well and is better than paying for parking. Good luck.