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Pt6-42 Hots

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
Have any of you done hot sections on -42's recently? I have some info from Pratt and Raytheon but am looking for some numbers from operators.

I'm looking for what other folks have seen price wise for HOTS on a first run engine at 1800 hrs, just trying to get a real budget range.

The plane involved is a 2001 B200.

Thanks, Prpjt
We're running 4 b200s right now and I'd guess that the average has been approx 25k. We've had some lower and one a LOT higher, but 25k is a good ballpark.
Thanks deskjob. Are your planes first run engines, or have they been overhauled. I guess I'm asking what your engine total time range is. Thanks again. PRPJT
And when you get in there, you can see where the 21 volt start happened. You'll see the power turbine guide vanes.

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