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New Bus driver
Nov 26, 2001
Let me set the scene for ya here... we fade into a small room with a large meeting table placed next to one of the shorter walls. On the top of this desk lays a small podium(one of those really small ones, you know only a couple inches high) with a small object protruding from the top. Behind the desk we see a single black chair. On the wall behind the desk we see a large Flightinfo.com banner hanging on the wall. All of the sudden a door opens from the right hand side of the room and a figure appears and walks towards the desk...as the figure sits down at the desk we notice a small name tag that reads "starchkr." And as such, the press conference begins...

"I would like to appologize for any negative impressions my comments may have formed about myself or my industry. My attempts at humor fell way short of their intended cause. After many discussions with fellow aviators, I have decided to make this public appology to try to regain the respect that our industry deserves. While my attempts were futile to say the least, they meant no harm, and they actually received the responses that they were intended to do. So while you may hold me responsible for these actions, please do not hold our industry (135 freight in case anyone was wondering what i kept refering to) in lower standards, because we are just as safe as any other in our methods of completing our jobs. Thank you."

And this concludes todays press conference.

Man i feel a little like T.O. now...except i will not still get paid millions to sit idly by on the sidelines, or at home.
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