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PSA, will you hire us former WO pilots


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Dec 1, 2001
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PSA leadership...

Now that you have struck the deal which will ultimately ensure your survival/growth.......will you step up and see that your former WO brothers get preferential hiring now that our companies (ALG/PDT) are all but done for? I hope that at least you will hire those of us that want a job that have been left in the cold before you hire off the street!! What do you think! Pass it along to your leaders.


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Nov 26, 2001
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Beavis. Unfortunatly, we are not hiring anymore. There are alot of guys however, bailing and hitting the silk in a big way.
We the pilots of PSA have not seen anything regarding this so called TA on Jets for Dads program. We are not happy that or MEC passed this without even a hint of piot input and will more then likely put hundreds of active PSA pilots now on the street. Hence why guys and gals are bailing.

I also heard that PDT struck a deal as well late last night regarding Jets for Dads.

I myself would have loved a opertunity to view this so called TA before our MEC passed it. If it called for putting our guys on the street, I never would have gave it a thumbs up.