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PSA questions

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Brewer, Patriot
Nov 25, 2001
What are the pay scales at PSA?
Are they out-station based?
How difficult to get CVG?
Upgrade time?

PSA is undergoing major changes right now, so the answers here may only be accurate for a short time.

Current pay for FOs:

0-6 months: $17.87
7-12 months: $19.46
1-2 years: $22.34
2-3 years: $23.79


1-2 years: $37.83
2-3 years: $39.30
3-4 years: $40.87
14 years: $50.40

According to the ALPA hotline, a TA may be reached during the next negotiations meeting on January 2-3. I had typed out all the rumors of contractual improvements I had heard in the crew room, but decided that I shouldn't jump the gun and proliferate those rumors until an actual TA has been reached and voted upon. However, the wage numbers I heard about were between 12%-25% increase depending on seat and longevity.

Crew bases are Akron/Canton, Dayton, Cincinnatti, Pittsburgh, and Knoxville. CVG is most pilots' last choice so it shouldn't be hard to get. CVG has all out-and-back lines, so the lifestyle there isn't for everyone. Also, our D.O. says a new crew base is under consideration but he did not say where. I've heard rumors of Philly, Charlotte, or possibly even a Florida base. We'll be adding 25 additional markets next year, mostly in the south (again -- rumor).

Upgrade time: Changing dramatically. Was 18 months when I was hired in 2000, then increased to 26 months or more. Now we'll be upgrading close to 40 by June. And there is an option for six additional planes beyond the seven we'll get next year. If that happens, another 30 will upgrade, so time from new-hire to upgrade will be shortened.
Thanks for your informative reply. I heard rumors of street captain hiring. Do you think there's any truth in that?

nope, but I heard our TA should be settled in Jan., Piedmont pay plus a $1.00. That should be a $6-$10 raise across the board.

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