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PSA Questions.

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Well-known member
Nov 30, 2001
Anyone know the hiring environment at PSA? Their web site says they're looking for furloughed major airline pilots who used to work there. Any chance a flight instructor could get an interview?

This is next one is a long shot. There was a tall slender female working the PSA booth at the Dallas AEPS air fair. Anyone have her name? I misplaced it.

Thanks a lot for the help.
I think the lady that does alot of the PSA stuff at fairs and the like name is April. Don't know her last name though.
April Shereda, and she's gone off to greener pastures. The new employment coordinator is Jeff Francis.

We've rehired lots of former PSA guys, but still hiring some brand new guys. I don't know what the average flight times are, but posted minimums are still 1000 TT, 250 ME. I was hired with less multi, but that was in better times. It won't hurt to send a resume in anyway. The fax number is on the web site at psaairlines.com

I've heard a lot of the new hires are washing out of training, so that may impact the minimum times that they'll accept for interviews. It's not that the instructors are bad or the airplane is tough, but the company and FAA guy expect a lot.
Her name is April S. (not going to relenguish her last name). She worked in HR, did all the phone calls to get interviews set up, and was a blast to hang out with but has since left PSA and works for a frac outfit doing the same thing.

As far as hiring, yea they are still needing people and seem to be interviewing alot of major guys with buko hours. I had a buddy set up for a interview last week and he had some lower time. He was surrounded by ex major guys. All of them were furloughed from say Amercian, United, etc etc. Needless to say, he didnt get hired.

I hear that internal recommendations are the only way lower time guys will be called for an interview. You can always send a resume, but getting the interview without the LOR might be tricky.

Good luck though. Hope it works out for ya.
Thanks for the feedback. I remember at the fair she told me to send a resume to her as soon as I hit 250 multi... and to mention I had chatted with her in Dallas. Oh well... worth a try.

I sent the resume in anyway, maybe I'll get lucky.

Take care, thanks again.

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