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PSA parking planes???

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Well-known member
Dec 8, 2001
Have a few friends at PSA. One was telling me that the company is looking for voluntary furloughs (possibly as many as a hundred) and talking about parking 10 aircraft while cancelling future orders. Can anyone confirm this or does he have no reason to be concern? I feel for the guy because this would be a second furlough from PSA in 2 years...yikes.
Relax! There has been no number given. If the company was looking for 100 people, they would just furlough! No official anouncement as to parking planes. Rumor has it there is an option to send 10 50 seaters back, who knows, who cares. Tell your friend to stay calm and enjoy his time right now, nothing is certain at PSA and things change fast. I flew with an FO last week that had been junior manned for the 2nd time in one week, hardly a company needing to trim the fat!
Well that is the worst case senerio isn't it? I'll keep riding the wave, I have heard only need 10 CA's and 7 FO's to leave, so with that I wouldn't think about parking planes
Can you even get the plastic ones anymore? Not that they were worth anything, they didn't fly for crap. I've still got my original metal "hey Matt, see if you can dodge these" Jarts from my childhood. Might have to break em out again soon........that was a fun game.
The company isn't looking for voluntary furloughs....they are offering a one month voluntary leave. The lines in CLT have been very light......75 hours max for 18 days of work. It looks like they are trying to get their financial numbers looking good just before the end of the year. Maybe it will allow them to build decent lines for December. If payroll goes down, and productivity goes up, even for the short term, I think they figure it will look good to the folks in Tempe. They are cutting numbers in the training department and in the office staff.
Everyone should relax, this kind of monkeying around usually ends up biting them in the ass. Of course, they don't hurt from it, we do.
I don't know where you guys get this stuff. No returning of airplanes, (you guys are linking the options of ending leases on 10 airplanes, with their return-not true). No furloughs for December...yada yada yada......

However, this voluntary leave will probably be extended into January for the continuation of trimming the fat.
I hear AWAC is buying PSA Airlines; a Wholly Owned Subitary of MESA. JO startied buying PSA about 3 years ago. Oh, and TYS has been closing since 1999.

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