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PSA Luck????

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Nov 26, 2001
Ive been applyin to them every week for the last 3 months. But, i see on there website that they are taking back former pilots that went on to the majors on good terms with them. Has anyone had any luck getting on board with them, and hasnt been with them before. Also, has anyone got on board with less than the minimum required for PSA.
Any info. is appreciated
Don't give up!

I went into the training department last week and heard that they are gearing up for interviews in the near future. Please be patient though as we have lost two very valuable people in HR recently who used to handle pilot recruitment. We have hired back a number of previous employees that are now on furlough from majors but are still putting brand new hires in the same classes. As I understand, these new pilots were involved in the hiring process prior to Sept. 11, 2001 and have been patiently awaiting a class date.

Good luck! :p
Yeah, it sucks. Below industry standard wages. Work rules don't even compare to most commutters who signed indudstry leading contracts prior to Sept 11.
When are you going to vote on it? If the vote doesn't pass, what's the next step? What's the pay?

Thanks for the info.
Probebly wont vote till the end of Febuary. As far as pay goes? Still sucks. F/O's start out at 20.00 an hour compared to 17.87 (I think). Second year F/O is 24.50. so on and so on. Fist year Cap is 41 and change.

The work rules are an improvment, but the pay needs help. If it's voted down, could be many more years before anything in achieved.

Gee, it's already been years now. Oh well......
yeah, the TA sucks big time unless you've worked for PSA half your life.

For those interested I ran into the interview committee yesterday in Dayton. I talked with them for a while about their selection process since I have a few friends that aren't enjoying furloughled life. So here's the deal - with so many resumes coming in these days they are only granting interviews to candidates with internal recommendations. At present, seniority numbers DO NOT have to be surrendered regardless of airline (not just Airways). The average TT for the interview class yesterday was about 4000-5000 hours!! They will interview with experience down to about 1000 TT if you have in internal rec. Hint, hint.....call anyone you know at PSA!!!

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