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PSA interview

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New member
May 14, 2002
I have an upcoming interview at PSA. Has anybody interviewed there recently?? Can someone please help with some info??

Thanks Max
Cant help ya with any technical stuff but when a guy named Brad Silverstein walks in and tries to shake you up in the interview, stick to your guns. He will try to shake you up, he used to brag about his days at WESTAIR and how he had guys almost throw up in an interview, same thing at CORPORATE AIR. And rumor has it he plays the same games at PSA. So my best advice is dont let the guy rattle you, hes just trying to have fun with ya, and in hindsite if you are successful you will realize it, nothing personnal, he just has fun with ya. ANY busted checkrides will be discussed, but no matter how stressfull it gets, think to yourself that this same guy just might have busted his last 2 type rides (METROLINER & D328). Noones perfect.

Whatever airplane you are flying now..Know the systems. The interview is not bad. You take a few tests..basic math and fars no big deal. There is a sim ride..ils, holding, basic maneuvers with no tricks. Panel interview with the hr person, chief pilot and a line pilot. Look them in the eye, smile, relax and answer the questions. No tricks, the stuff they ask you is stuff you should know already. Good luck!

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