PSA interview gouge please


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Mar 21, 2002
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Hey all you nice PSA pilots and interviewees!!! Would you be so kind as to give a poor CFI some "just off the press" gouge for a coming interview. Thank you.


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Nov 25, 2001
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A guy I work with interviewed there about a month ago. The gouge on seems to be right on. The interviewers there apparently have very good poker faces. You will leave the interview not having much of an idea if they want to hire you or not.

Hey Tarheel, how long ago did you send your resume to PSA? I sent them one about 5 days ago and was just curious of the time frame.



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Nov 26, 2001
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Hmmm, let me see if I can remember. Although it's been two years since I interviewed, i think it's still the same. Check in at Dayton Airport Inn the night before and please stay out of the bar Wilbers the bar there in the hotel. Eating there is fine but don't take beer back to room or drink while sitting in there. Show up, take a mental test which is pretty easy overall. Ex. you have a 13 story building with 22 offices on each floor, how many extra floors would you have to build to get 9 offices per floor. Which shape looks like the one shown if it's turned 180 degrees. Stuff like that. You will take a short test on FARs. Study the ATP book. After that they will goive you a couple of pages on how the fire supression systems works of the Dornier and the squib bottles. They give you 5 minutes to read this then take it away and give you a test on it.
After that is the sim in a AST 300. I still think they use the Indynapolis 5L or R approach or whatever single digit approach they have there. Too lazy to look it up. Take off, do a 360 standard rate turn..climb at 500 FPM to an altitude. They will ask you were you are in relation to the approach and what type of entry you would do if you were to hold, get that right and they will vector you back for the ILS. Hint....The flaps, Gear and radios etc are handled by the examiner, you don't have to touch these things just fly the sim. Keep your feet off the rudder pedels, very touchy. And do exactly what they tell you in regards to how they want you to shoot the approach. Don't throttle jocky, they hate that.
The HR interview is next. Very straght forward. Just relax tell them your storys and make good eye contact. If you don't know the answer to a question, tell them you don't know. Honesty is everything and don't try to BS your way through it. Why do you want to work here? Give me an example of a time you failed at something. How do you log instrument time.

Overall, very relaxed and straight forward. They will tell you either way whether you passed or failed in two weeks or so. A phone call is good, a letter is bad. Oh, shake their hand when you go in for the interview and drink the water that they provide. Its shows them that your relaxed.

Hope this helps