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Dec 15, 2001
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I was hired by PSA in the summer. I was told that I would probably be in the Jan/Feb class. I have a couple of questions for PSA pilots:

1. Where can I get study information on the airplane? What should I be studying now before the class starts?

2. Have you enjoyed working for PSA? Is it a good place to be? What bases do you like?

This is my first post so in case my e-mail doesn't show up, it's Thanks for your help!


Dec 12, 2001
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When I started in Aug 2000 there was a website at Purdue University with an entire groundschool on the 328. The information was not complete but anything is good to introduce you to the airplane. The reason for this website is that they have a class for their students on the 328 or something like that. I don't even have a clue where that website was but you should try looking for it. As soon as you get the limitations and memory items in the mail learn them cold, don't worry about learning systems too much. Every week in ground school you will be assigned "homework" items (memory items and limitations) that are fair game for random quizzing at the beginning of class. My point is that if you know these already you can concentrate on systems and pratice what you already know on the CPT EVERY NIGHT.

send me a message if you have any other q's

Oh yeah, bases are as follows #1. CAK 2. TYS 3. PIT 4. DAY 5. CVG
....others may disagree but this is what I've learned thusfar!