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PSA **Good News**

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Dec 12, 2001
To all those interested, PSA will recall the remainder of the furloughed pilots in January 2002. This will be followed soonafter by new hire classes. We have in writing an agreement for 7 additional planes bringing our fleet to 32 DO328's. This is substantial growth for our company (about 25%) and the deal includes options for 6 more planes. The first 2 will arrive in Feb, 2 in March, 2 in April and 1 in May. I'm not sure when we will interview but it has to be soon if they don't want to park these planes.
Anyone know if PSA is taking ex-PSA pilots back like ALG and PDT are? Just curious.

true, the pay isn't the best but if hired now you probably wouldn't sit reserve at all and have a guaranteed income flying a great airplane.
Former guys returning?

Question: If former PSA guys return, are they placed at the bottom of the seniority list, or do they return with their former hire date? Probably a dumb question, but it concerns me none-the-less.

The company's website is actively soliciting former PSA guys to return. I'd welcome them back but I sure don't want to be pushed back in the line. If they're now furloughed from another company, well, that's life.

If they don't retain their former seniority, then what's the motivation for returning?
I was hired by PSA in the summer. I was told that I would probably be in the Jan/Feb class. I have a couple of questions for PSA pilots:

1. Where can I get study information on the airplane? What should I be studying now before the class starts?

2. Have you enjoyed working for PSA? Is it a good place to be? What bases do you like?

This is my first post so in case my e-mail doesn't show up, it's [email protected]. Thanks for your help!
Thanks, Smoking Man

I appreciate the information. Any word on when the new contract will be finished?


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