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PSA getting jets ?

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Yeah, right.

What we are getting, though, are letters in the mail from our MEC chairman full of propaganda designed to lure the weak-minded and easily-frightened pilots of PSA into voting for the lousy TA. "Significant improvements in wage rates." "Pilots will be entitled to 100% cancellation pay..."

Obviously he didn't even read the contract he is campaigning for.

I know this has nothing to do with your question, but since your question involved an unsubstantiated rumor that will never happen (at least for several years), I thought I would try to spread the word some more about our TA. VOTE NO!!!!!!!
Hehehee hhaahahahahahahaa ahohohohoooo! [and more crazed laughter].

PSA getting jets? US mainline can't hold on to their existing jets, and the rumor is they're buying jets for PSA? No, since all the action is going to Chautauqua, Mesa, et al, PSA will likely never get jets of any size, shape, or form unless:

A. they get them dirt cheap, or someone else buys them, or
B. all the turboprops are gone from the Express system and they must bow to the inevitable

Neither of these scenarios is going to happen within the next 5 to 10 years, so it just isn't a factor. Sorry.
I have a better chance of getting crabs from the Ulson twins.

That was funny, thanks, I needed that.
No jets

So when does this propaganda come in the mail? I just can't wait!!! I've only received a 50 or so page wad of kindling that has this joke on the front...."agreement" By the way...VOTE NO!
RJ's? They're just a fad!

You guys just wait, shortly everone will come running back to turboprops. HE HE

Whatever - There's a better chance of curling replacing monday nite football than any of the wholly owned carriers getting jets. It's only amatter of time before we are history. I wonder if the other WO pilots have plans for when the doors close. I'm starting to put the gears in motion myself.

Happy Flying

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