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PSA gets 7 more airplanes.

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Still turning two
Nov 26, 2001

Seven more to come in the next few months. 2 delivered in January to be online Febuary 3rd. Two more the following month and so on and so on. All furloughed boys and girls recalled, hiring to resume in January. All we need now is a contract.
That's awesome. First time the company has grown in 7 years, and not a moment too soon. Congrats!
Do you guys have a pool from pre- sept 11th for the new hire class? I had an interview on the 14th that got canned and asked to be called when they started interviewing again, wondering if I might expect a phone call sometime soon...
I would call HR and tell them the story. April S. is gone so there is a new guy in the chair.

He will probebly get you hooked up for another interview.
Need about another 100 pilots or so from what I heard today. If you managed to get hired, I dought you would sit researve.

I also heard about the possibility for a PHL base. I also heard the same thing about CLT. I guess we will see.
Where did u hear the rumor about 100 pilots? I calculated 9 pilots x 7 planes = 63. Maybe more if you count the 24th plane back online. I heard J. Flemming say 45 hard lines in DAY, haven't heard anything on PHL or CLT.
Heard that walking through the PIT crew room.

I didnt hear the thing about DAY though. I just heard from the Scheduling committee that about 20 to 30 more lines are possible at DAY,PIT,TYS,CAK and about 10 more in CVG.

With an option for 9 more airplanes, I think Phenig wants to see how these 7 work out before we get anymore.

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