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PSA CLT Crashpads

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Well-known member
May 16, 2003
Just curoius about the crashpad situation in CLT. I have a pretty good deal going in TYS (Thanks SlumLord!!) and don't want to give it up unless I can get a similar deal.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Well if you'd work once in awhile, you might actually find the CLT crew room, and the various bulletin boards with such postings on it. The original slum lord has a place in CLT now, and similiar prices.. You thinking your gonna be able to hold CLT now?
Have you tried the local 61 website. Lots of people on there with crashpads. groups.msn.com/alpalocal61
Not sure if I can hold CLT this time, but just need to know if I should change my bid ......thinking I will leave it the same and see what happens.

As for local 61, do you have to sign up for it? I'll try to check it out today
yeah you have to click on the link on the webpage to send an application to the webmaster to join.

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