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PSA Bases

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Well-known member
Dec 9, 2005
Do any of you know which PSA base can a new hire expect to receive, and how long to bid into other, more senior bases?

I think the last class got Dayton. You can bid another base from day one if you want. Charlotte is the biggest, but not sure if it's the most senior. With most of the flying getting transferred down there, i would say it is or will be. Knoxville is small but a happy family over there.

I think it takes a few months to get your first choice, but that depends on when they start awarding class dates again.

The Chief would have more info than me but he's busy breastfeeding.
Newhires typically get awarded DAY. This trend may start to change though as the company is trying to move everybody to CLT it seems and so newbies may start getting CLT right off the bat. From what I've seen though its a matter of months to get what you want anyhow. My understanding is that our VP would like to see us all based in CLT before too much longer, not sure what US Airways thinks of this idea or whether it will happen, but it certainly seems as though most of the flying is going to be in and out of CLT before long.
Yeah, just talked to my buddy that works there last night. He said EVERYTHING is going to CLT. Air Whisky is going to start doing all the Philly/Pitt NE crap, and PSA will be doing the south stuff starting next year.
On the last DRS page for all the people coming down to CLT on JAN 31 all but 1 of the FO's (15 in all) were very junior. I think most of the senior people who want CLT have already taken it.
I've read all the previous threads about when the next potential class date could be...but does anybody there have any WAGs on whats going on the next 4-6 months? I've heard all sorts of rumors (uncle's brother's cousin type of thing) from returning 200s and gaining 700/900 growth to the "F" word.

How is attrition these days? Many CAs moving on to better things?

This is my opinion only but I think things here are just kinda status quo. Not much happening, which given whats going on at other regionals may not be a bad thing. I dont think we are getting any new airplanes. There has been talk of U rejecting 10 leases on 10 200's but who knows. I guess we will see. No furloughs that I've heard of, they are doing vol leaves right now but from my understanding the company has done that several times in the past. I'm not sure why, maybe they are making the books look good or we are just overstaffed (right, that explains all the junior mans).

Just about all the flying is about to be out of CLT which is fine, I feel for the AWAC guys who have to suffer in Philly. Attrition right now. . . actually I hear about someone else leaving just about every day so thats a good sign. I think we are losing about 5 captains a month.

As tough as its been I'm learning not to worry about all of this and just do whats right for today. No way of planning for 5 years from now so rule that out right off the bat. I've done a lot of bitching on this board and its always after I've had a bad trip or just paied my bills. Once the door is closed and your doing your own thing with a cool crew its a total blast. There are definitely worse places you could work.
I couldn't offer any exact figures for CLT departures but with all 14 700's doing all of their flying there and a significant portion of our 200 flying the number of departures likely exceeds 100 currently. The company has stated 85% of our flying will be out of CLT by spring. It seems the voluntary furloughs for now are being caused by aircraft undergoing heavy checks. We took delivery of these jets quickly and now the checks are coming due at the same rate.
EDUC8-or said:
I had a few beers with some dispatchers last night and they told me that Charlotte will go from 30ish to 90ish departures a day next month.

You didn't have to hang out with them to get that info!

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