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New member
Aug 29, 2002
Has anyone had luck with interviews from PSA. I sent in the packet in early Aug and still havent heard a peep from them. I seen that on lucky dude got on with 1200tt and 110 multi. I got more than that and still havent heard. Just seeing if luck is on someone else's side?

I interviewed with them about two weeks ago and was offered a job starting on October. I had 1300, 700 when I was called. It took about four weeks to get a call after I sent in my package. You may want to follow up with a phone call to the HR department to verify receipt of your package. Also you can ask them the status of your application when you call. A phone call to them can not hurt; it just shows that you are responsible, and motivated about the job. Good luck.
how was your interview? i have an application they sent me that i am going putting in mail next week. i have my fingures crossed.

The interview was great. I liked everybody from the very start of the day. The other applicants ranged from 8000tt with lots of turbine PIC to 1000tt flight instructors. All the applicants seemed like good people and they were all motivated about interviewing with PSA. The interview process was long, it started at 8:30am and I finished at about 5:00pm. We started the morning with some written test (Cognitive skills, Math, ATP, DO328 fire system), then got a tour of the facility, including a DO328. We meet a few of the flight attendants going through training and we talked with some of the mechanics, all of whom were motivated about the company and excited about it’s future. After our tour we had our interview time and sim time scheduled out for us. I had two hours to kill so a few of us went to lunch then came back and interviewed. It was a two on one interview with a chief pilot and a HR person. The interview was all hr questions which lasted about an hour. The interview seemed more like a conversation with two people who were getting to know you than an interview. The sim ride was relatively easy, it is an AST sim and we did a takeoff, some turns, NDB hold and an ILS.

I was called two days late and offered a class in mid October. They told us there is a back up with the sim in Dallas and they are spacing the classes to fix the back up. Everything I experienced that day about PSA was great. Good luck. PM me if you have any specific questions.
See you at PSA!!

Cmdr Taggart,

I interviewed with PSA in August and got a class date for Oct 21st. Cogratulations and maybe we will see ya in Dayton in Oct.
Hey guys, I sent my stuff Email last week and also have a hard copy going thru FedEx rite now, I am going to take the advice on calling and checking, does someone have a direct number to Human Resources. Also, to all who have interviewed lately what is the position on the new aircraft. To be totally honest with you guys I am out of the loop with the Jets for Jobs stuff and it is my understanding that PSA is in on it. Thanks Guys and Gals, looking forward to some info!!!!

I will see you on the October 21st at the lovely Dayton Airport hotel. Did you interview on August 20th?
The number is 1-800-235-0986. Ask for Jeff Francis. Very nice guy and he should be able to tell you what's going on. A phone call dosent hurt, and he dosent seem to mind, just don't call him everyday.

If you do mind Jeff, im sure you will tell me. LOL ...ps, I finally figuared out who you are. The gigs up...

As far as Jets for Dads? Last thing we heard was that PSA was to get between 60 to 100 RJ's. Which kind is still up to mainline. I wouldn't xpect them till next year though, till U comes out of Chapter 11 sometime n March. (projected).

Taggart, congrats again and Im a Budweiser fan. I might be in the October upgrade class so I will probebly see you. For everyone else, good luck with trying to get the interview, im not sure how much longer they plan to hire people this year. Things slow down around the holidays and the sim is really backed up for LOFT's and PC's.
I interviewed on Aug. 20 and got a call a week later for an Oct. 21rst Class date. Good luck to all.
See you in class Fletch, and 328 dude, come to upgrade training thirsty, bud it is. I am glad you are not into expensive import beers :)

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