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PSA Airlines

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Nov 26, 2001
Does anyone work for PSA?? I was thinkin of applying to them, and was wondering how there company was: pay, upgrade (if that exists anymore), bases, is it a good airline??
Thanks much!

I have been with PSA for a little over a year now. I enjoy working there but like any other airline there are some unhappy people. The pay right now is not very good but our new contract should be finished soon and from the rumors I have herd, we will be getting Piedmont pay plus a dollar. That is a huge raise for us. Upgrade has started again with the delivery of 7 new airplanes with the possibility of 6 more later. The pilot bases are Dayton, OH; Akron, OH; Cincinnati, OH; Pittsburgh, and Knoxville, TN. I think it is a pretty good place to work. Most of the people are very nice and fun to fly with.

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