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Proud to be a UPS Pilot.

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Jan 29, 2002
We have almost 400 pilots who signed up in the last few days willing to fly Relief Cargo to Haiti for Free. From me and the People Republic of Haiti, we sincerely Thank you for your willingness to help.
dav8tor, you should have left that UPS out of the sentence. Every airline has employees (pilots, flight attendants and others) volunteering for people in need, not just when there is a disaster. When there is a disaster somewhere there is at many airlines quickly a list with volunteers. It is one of the most grueling but at the same time rewarding kinds of flying. You go places where you wait half a day or longer in blazing heat and searing humidity for your load to be offloaded, without airconditioning or lounge/hotelroom accomondations, pulling 24hr duty days for a few hours of flying. The fact that you helped someone in need is the rewarding part.
I've been there, done that (and had the sunburn to go with it).

Why don't you guys turn this into an action to get volunteers for some kind of project?
I am very well aware that other airline employees have volunteered their time also but since i work for UPS, I could only speak for our crew...The count is now close to 600 Pilots who signed up. Our crews have also volunteered their time and money to help kids, missions and other well deserved organizations.
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Yeah man hes just braggin on his boys and girls a little, as he should be. Come on, you can do the same thing if you wanted to but don't bring the tread down.

Way to go guys a gals that is very commendable that yall are willing to donate your time, hopefully i will be at a outfit soon that will allow me to give back as well. Keep up the good work.
good job....wish SWA could do some kind of flying...would do it in a heart beat....love flying for a reason.
The military has been down there...and will stay down there until its done!

Kudos for those willing to put all the other company $hit aside and step up...this is about people and nothing else is more important.

I wish I were down there with my brothers-in-arms.
Best of luck to ANYONE who goes down there. It is a goat rope to say the least. We held for 2+30 yesterday and still couldn't get in. When the politicians come to town, relief supplies get the shaft...
Shouldn't the Title of the thread be 600+ IPA pilots, who work for UPS, volunteer to fly Haiti relief flights.

To date, UPS has used ZERO IPA pilots to help in this massive relief effort.

UPS Airlines is to busy losing market share to FDX, giving the finger to the mechanics and BENDING the Pilots OVER with 117 million in savings to prevent a furlough. Lets no forget the ATL CEO pay increase of 650% over the next several years.

Lets just say, I am Proud to be an IPA pilot and some what perplex and disappointed in my employer.
Proud to be a Nazi. Not

There are many revisionists of history that deny that the holocaust happened.

There are moderaters that want to suppress history.

The gas chamber operaters are guilty. Those that try to hide the reality are also guilty.

What those people that want to suppress history forget is there are witnesses and
eventually the truth comes out.

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