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Professional pilot

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Cmdr Taggart

Well-known member
Jun 26, 2002
I was asked to define the difference between a professional pilot and a good pilot; I had trouble coming up with a good answer to a seemly easy question. I could produce quite a few examples but not a cohesive definition. Since most, if not all, pilots on this site would call them selves’ professional pilots; I would be interested in seeing how they define professional pilot.

First, start with the definition of a professional.

A professional is one who always strives to be a leader in his field of endeavor, working toward excellence at every opportunity. While he works toward innovation, he operates within the guidelines of accepted practice and protocol.

He views his duties as personal responsibilities, regardless of the lesser view held by others. His words inspire respect and confidence, and his character inspires emulation.

Under his hand, the buck stops, the deal is made, the numbers add up, and the outcome is achieved. The professional is the model, the reference, and the standard.

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