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Private Jet Empty Legs: The Best Value for Money

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New member
Nov 23, 2017

The "empty leg" is increasingly becoming the ideal solution for air travel customers who are flexible about last-minute opportunities and keen on getting best prices. Yet, the most important fact about private jet empty legs is its extraordinarily low price, which is offered often at a discount of up to 75% compared to the usual charter price. What an outstanding deal!
What Is a Private Jet Empty Leg?
In a nutshell, an empty leg flight, sometimes called an empty sector, is the return portion of a booked one-way private charter flight. Just as a taxi would often need to do on the ground, the private jet needs to fly empty to reposition itself for its next customer or to return to its home base.
What Is the Catch?
But why are empty legs sold at such an exceptionally discounted price? The answer is quite simple. The private jet operator may not be able to find a full-price customer who wants to charter that particular aircraft, for that specific route and time. So, as they need to move the aircraft anyway, the operator will generally offer the empty part of the flight at such a substantial discount.
How Much Are They?

So, how much do private jet empty legs cost? In fact empty leg flights are often available at up to 75% discount on the usual charter price. Yet, the exact price usually depends on the flight route and the air operator, who are often prepared to offer remarkably low prices at the last minute, if they haven’t been able to sell the flight at full price.
How to Access Empty Leg Flights?

At the end of the day, it is important to note that there are many ways of accessing private jet empty legs, including such air travel websites as FlyPriva, www.flypriva.com, which provide visitors with lists of real-time empty legs available all across the world.

Booking a private jet empty leg is really a good travel solution for you should you be flexible and ready to hunt for last-minute air travel opportunities. It's worth the trial!