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private aircraft based at Tacoma Narrows KTIW??

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Well-known member
Sep 29, 2008
Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone could share some insight to whether there are any private aircraft based out of KTIW or any other companies apart from pavco who fly charter or similar.

Any feedback appreciated.

try aircharterguide.com. At least I think that's the site. You can search by airport and aircraft. Its only charter planes, though.
Not much going on in TIW. I went to Pavco looking for a corperate job and ended up getting an offer for a CFI job. Needless to say I passed on the offer. The FAA has been putzing around lately from what I have heard. Good luck and go relax at the Tides for while. It clears the mind.
Cheers NWaviator,

maybe i could get something if i was an instructor!

Does anyone keep their jet in TIW or is it all out of BFI??? Then begs the question how do you get your CV to the chief pilot??
Primarily in BFI. There are one or two planes based there but it is really competative. When I checked a while ago, they were completely covered. I would try BFI for best results. Pavco does havea 135 certificate, you can try for the charter part. Best of luck.

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