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Prior military nonaviators that now fly

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Nov 25, 2001
There is a good string in this category offering help for military aviators either transitioning to civilian or just beginning their military flying careers. I'd like to offer my services to any prior military that didn't fly in the service but now want to be airline pilots/professional aviators, officer or enlisted.

It can be done, I'm living proof. I've also met a lot of folks in the same boat that have also made it.

My background is I'm a retired Marine MSgt now flying as an FO for Comair in the RJ. I only have a two year degree and I didn't have an aviation related MOS in the Corps. I know of at least two other retired enlisted folks at Comair, one a Navy Senior Chief and the other a Marine Master Gunnery Sergeant. I recently had the priviledge of flying with a Capt the other day that was a former Marine Corporal. I know of at least one other former enlisted Marine flying as an FO for Comair. I know of at least two former nonpilot officers that are now airline pilots. One here at Comair and another one at ACA. I'm sure there are many more examples elsewhere.

If you need advice/guidance on how to start on this path or how to finish the journey, drop me a line and I'll do what I can.

Anybody else out there with a similar background that can help?
I was with the Security Police in the USAF as a E-3.
After 5 Regionals I made it to US Airways in 1999.
It can be done!
Ex-Military F-15 avionics

I worked as an avionics tech. for 7.5 years (95th FS~Boneheads) before pursuing a career in the commercial world. I am currently an F/O for Continental Connection. Take care!
Non-aviator military looking to fly

I'm currently an active duty Captain in a support job. Since the Air Force hasn't seen to let me fly, I'm looking to finishing my ratings on my own. Have about 80 hrs...working slowly on my Instrument rating. Also, have a wife and kids. Wondering if you had any creative ideas on how to balance work, family, and getting the money and time to finish my Commerical? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a Navigator slot with the Air National Guard C-130 unit. But considering the economy right now, making a living on the outside doesn't look too good. Thanks again

Mike G
I served on active duty for nine years in the Air Force, both as a supply troop, and with the USAF Honor Guard in DC.

While I enjoyed the military, flying has always been my first love, so I took the early out a few years ago. I worked as an instructor for a bit, followed by a freight dog stint in Cessna Caravans. Three years ago I was hired by a 135 operation as a Learjet FO. Upgraded after a year, and here I am.

There are hundreds of non-rated officer and enlisted folks who've made the transition. I've met quite a few, not to mention several here on the board. (Jeff G. @ Jet Blue was enlisted AF)

Gregorys, keep plugging away one hour at a time. I managed to afford my private on E-4 pay, and my instrument rating on E-5. Hopefully your base has an aero club and you have the GI Bill. Here's food for thought, If you are flying at a base aero club (thx C. LeMay), the Aero Club is a MWR activity. Oftentimes you can use you club card to help with the cost. I can't remember the specifics, but I do recall that I was able to make payments.

Last summer, I solicited folks on the board here for interest in some sort of former enlisted aviator association to help eachother with career support and networking. The response was excellent. Then the 9-11 attacks occured, and our flight ops have been busy. I also had to work on my 737 type, and haven't made the time to do much yet. Hopefully soon. I'll post again when I get some stuff accomplished. Regardless, I'd still like to hear from anyone who might be interested.

Best of Luck to all my furloghed Brothers and Sisters,
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What ANG unit will you be with?

I am a medical reject from UPT (10 hours of T-37 time), and recently retired from the ARNG. I work with Caveman.

What will you be doing in the civilian world? Are you going to be AGR with the ANG?

Look into Chpt. 106 of the Montgomery GI Bill. I used it to get my CFII and MEI.

Good Luck!

Thanks for the info

Thanks for the frank information and the success stories.
This message board is far more professional and visited
by much more mature individuals that any other "military aviation"
boards I have visited. Quite refreshing and helpful.
Keep those cards and letters coming.



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