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Primary in a C-182

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Aug 3, 2003
Has anyone ever given primary training in a C-182? 0 hrs thru private? The guy I fly for wants to buy one so I can teach him to fly in it. He is a big guy, but not too big for a 172. His size is the reason he wants the 182 though. He weighs about 240#.
After I soloed, I finished the rest of my private in a T-41C, which is a 172 with a 210hp engine. There's no reason he couldn't do it although insurance may be the limiting factor. 182's won't take a nose first landing like a 172 will and the 182 is nose heavy
Should have no problem at all. I trained a student last year in his 182. There are, of course more things to learn such as cowl flaps and prop, but it should not be a problem. Insurance will not be that big of a deal.
I've seen it done too. Didn't seem to be much problem. In fact, it's probably easier to teach from 0 than from someone who spent some time in a 172.
I know a guy that got his private in a twin he bought, this was in the '80's. I don't think it's a big deal either.

A 182 is a much safer airplane anyway, it is much more forgiving in weight and balance, high density altitude, more power, better climb, easier to trim. The only negative is he better not nose it in or it's all over, very unforgiving to nose landings.
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If I remember correctly the CG on a 182 is fairly forward. I instructed a guy (250lb) in his and with me (200lb) we had to add ballast in the baggage.

Dito the comments on not landing a 182 on the nose. I have seen more firewall damaged 182's then not.

Also, if the guy is old school he may try to pull the throttle to increase MP. I have had several old timers tell me that old tractors were set up to PULL the throttle to increase RPM and PUSH to decrease. If he has some old tractor time this may need to be relearned.
Should not be a problem, just plan on a few more hours total to master the power squence, particularly during maneuvers like stalls and slow flight, cowl flaps and the more difficult flare. The key is to approach the flare fully trimmed and on speed. I like to trim a C182 so that I'm pushing forward on the yoke just a hair over the fence at final approach speed so the nose rises easily in the flare.
The other thing I notice in the C182 is that people like to approach way too fast & it leads to a tougher flare. Use the book speeds, full flaps & the A/C is cake to land.
If he is buying a new one.. $$$$$. Should not be a problem. I got 20 hrs or so in a 2005/G1000 model, and it's the easiest flying, easiest landing plane I've flown.

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