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PRIA records from a former employer

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Well-known member
Apr 3, 2005
How do I go about getting my PRIA records? I had a former employer that did'nt like me so much, although there was never any "training issues". I refused to fly the a/c on a couple occasions. I have a feeling there might be some dirt in the files so I'd like to see them before I interview. What is the legal/technical procedure for obtaining those records without a certificate number IE I'm not a airline.

all you need to do is send a written request for the records. They are legally(sp) required to give you a copy however they may charge a "nominaly copying fee"

hope this helps
Unfortunately, some of the low-lifes out there use PRIA as a way to "get back" at anyone they don't like...for totally personal reasons, which has nothing to do with you as a pilot.

I know Ameriflight did it to me when I left for the commuter..fortunately, the company I left AMF for thought it was a joke and only called me to give me a heads up on what's being said...

I called the guy who wrote all the nasty things on the report and he told me to "get an attorney" if I have problems with it.

Former Chief Pilot who is now with SWA..I won't mention his name, but he's a Kiwi.

The FAA really should be informed of this practice.

The only things that can be in a PRIA report is what can be legally released! ie Are you rehirable? Did you fail any drug or alcohol test? How long where you employed? Comments? That is pretty much it. Only a few general questions.

The employer can also put anything from your emloyee file in it too.

Most employers don't make any comments because it can cause lawsuits.
Actually its even less than that from what I understand, only things pertaining to "pilot performance" IE you failed a checkride, you geared up a airplane, broke a far got remedial training, failed a oral. Anything else, such as canceling flights for mx, showing up late, telling the boss to F off should not be in the PRIA. Most employers don't know this (I have a feeling) and I'm pretty sure my shaddy 135 organization does'nt, then its off to the lawyers. LOL IF they put the wrong stuff in the file and it causes you to not get the job then you can sue for damages, which is exactly what I'm gonna do.

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