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PRIA From 91 to 121

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Rick James

Well-known member
Mar 7, 2005
As best as I can tell, Pt. 121/ 135 operators cannot request information FROM a Pt. 91 operator. Does anyone have any experience in this matter?

An air carrier is not required to ask for records from a Part 91 operator. Besdies there is no requirement for a part 91 operator to even have records. The PRIA act has nothing to do with aviation safety and everything to do with killing trees. I can find that a pilot crashed three times and flunked every check ride at his last job and still hire that pilot with no consequences as far as the FAA is concerned. However if I fail to ask for records on a retried senior airline Captain who is going to ride right seat in my Part 135 DA-20 cargo bird, I can be fined.

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